A Simple Key For harley short shocks Unveiled

Gasoline is extremely flammable and hugely explosive, which could result in Loss of life or major damage. (00002a) Check with the ELECTRICAL DIAGNOSTIC MANUAL for info on the function and screening of your idle air Manage...

CABLE ROUTING The throttle cables are routed underneath the handlebars and driving the triple tree. They carry on under the gasoline tank by way of two cable clamps and back to throttle system.

Figure four-52. Set up fuel pump fuse. sm02626 Commence and idle motor to pressurize the gas technique. Open the gasoline valve to allow the flow of gasoline down the hose from the tension gauge.

Even though pushing up on base of gasoline supply line Immediately after setting up seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it truly is fitting, pull down on chrome sleeve until eventually it "clicks"...

NOTES sm02595 The primary push gear bearing and retainer have to get replaced if the key push gear is eradicated. The bearing will likely be harmed during the elimination course of action.

After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a unfastened seat can change resulting in lack of Manage, which could result in death or severe damage.

See the Accent and Cargo part in your Operator's Guide. Incorrect loading of cargo or installation of accessories can affect bike stability and managing, which could end in Loss of life or severe injury.

Position the insulation/seal crimp while in the nest. Be sure the sm00036 insulation/seal crimp tails are going through the forming jaws. Squeeze handle of crimp Device until tightly shut.

  1.  If funds is an issue, then end Placing it off and buy what you can manage to acquire.  Buy new, if you can, or no less than a used minimal mileage bicycle (which has a one particular-year warrantee if you can).  The bicycle you have to examine could be the Sportster if you can only pay for what this bicycle will Charge.  Get the largest cubic inch motor readily available.  At this writing it truly is 1200 cc.  The Sportster has complications; it vibrates badly, nevertheless the 2004 design calendar year and beyond will now have anti-vibration functions.  Furthermore, it has a little gas tank which means you will almost always be on the lookout for any gasoline station, although the fuel tank is bit by bit expanding in size.

With the middle ear on the head on the secondary lockpin sm00045 struggling with the mating finish on the connector, force secondary lock in until head is flush While using the connector housing.

 I know you're keen on Twin-Cam motor Harley-Davidson motorcycles (I do much too) and click here I am aware you need to acquire a single just because it's the interesting matter to perform and all your Driving buddies journey a single.  Which is ok, I had the dual-Cam (TC) bikes And that i nevertheless own a late product Sportster 1200 Custom made, but you still want to find out precisely what you are obtaining so there aren't any expensive financial institution-busting nasty surprises.

Some states will not permit limits on just how long an implied guarantee lasts, so the above limitation may well not use to you.

Harley-Davidson stereo helmet headsets with seven pin DIN jacks fit the rider along with the passenger intercom sockets. Other headset microphones will likely not function.

Driven with the crankshaft, the feed gerotor set distributes oil towards the engine, although the scavenge gerotor set attracts oil with the cam and flywheel compartments and returns it to your oil pan.

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